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What is SuperMiata?

SuperMiata is the most affordable wheel to wheel production car racing series in the US, hosted by Speed Ventures with events being held exclusively in California. Nothing else even comes close to the low cost of Supermiata.  No “pro” engines. No complex tech and impound. No national championships, TV coverage or ladder to higher series. Just great, close racing, great food at our sponsored Saturday BBQ, coaching and camaraderie. The cars are very rewarding to drive having a better suspension, more power and better aerodynamics than other “Spec” Miata classes. A front running SuperMiata can be built for under $10k, runs on pump gas and $145 225/45/15 Maxxis RC-1 Spec tires that last several weekends to keep consumables costs low. Entry fees are lower than traditional club racing and you get almost twice the track time. The series was created by Team 949 Racing after winning many national championships with another organization. We wanted to get back to our roots, spend less, enjoy the weekend more, have much bigger fields and mentor new drivers. Thus, Supermiata was born.

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