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SuperMiata SPM_MT_B
Bushings for SuperMiata Competition motor mounts
Price: $32.00


Bushing Durometer

Detailed Description

Replacement Bushings for SuperMiata Race Motor Mounts (full set)

We strongly recommend the standard 70D bushings. The 88D and 95D options are only recommended for 100% drag or drift cars due to their harsh vibration. The B series Miata engines are not smooth so using an ultra stiff mount improves shifting at the cost of everything else shaking. These 70D Race Mounts will vibrate the car substantially more due to the smaller bushing and stiffer engine bracket than OEM style mounts. 70D is the best compromise for just about everyone.

In comparison to the 75D rubber Mazda Competition mounts: The USA made SuperMiata Race Motor Mount replaces the entire bracket and mount while incorporating a thin section urethane bushing to reduce engine/trans deflection far more than any OEM style rubber mount. Additionally, the rubber Mazda Comp mounts only last about 6 months under hard track use. The SuperMiata Race Mounts will  last forever and may only need new urethane inserts every few years of competition use.

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