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Polycarbonate Windshield
Price: $599.00


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Detailed Description

Polycarbonate windshields - Supercoat
90-05 Mazda Miata 
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22 lbs     OEM front glass
11 lbs     SuperMiata coated  front polycarbonate

20 lbs     OEM rear glass

6 lbs     SuperMiata coated rear polycarbonate

Windshield will save about 11llbs over the OEM safety glass windshield, 10 lbs savings for rear window. NASA and SCCA require 3/16" (.187) minimum thickness for front windshield.
No minimum thickness in SCCA or NASA rules for rear window so it's .125 to save some aditional weight and ease installation.

Polycarbonate will not shatter. A rock or debris hitting a glass windshield will send splinters of glass into the cockpit at the same velocity as closing rate. So hit a rock at 80mph and you have tiny 80mph glass projectiles heading your way with a glass windshield.

Supercoat is standard and will resist scratching from windshield wipers. Supercoat will also repel water better than over the counter additives such as Rain-X.

Full DIY installation. Installation guideline  come with the shield but no hardware. It's up to you to mount it.

Optional rear window is for hard top, not soft top.

Polycarbonate expands greatly with heat so mounts must allow for that.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ASTMD696 in/in/F° 3.75x 10-5

Cleaning Supercoat

Windex, Fantastick, Mr. Clean, Formula 409, isopropyl alcohol all work well. We prefer non-aerosol, vinegar based window cleaners.

Best drying is with a chamois. Avoid abrasive cleaners, tools or materials. Paper towels OK but synthetic materials such as microfiber cloth are best .


Can be drilled using a standard metal drill bit – without making any modifications.  For 1/4" diameter bits (or less), 1800 rpm is recommended; for larger bits, use 1000 rpm.  Avoid drilling too quickly reducing heat build-up and stress.


If you are using fasteners requiring holes in your windshield,  slightly oversize your hole & add a small amount of RTV silicone or other grommet to absorb expansion & contraction energies.  Countersinking and riveting will result in spider cracks around the hole.

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