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SuperMiata CNCB
Supermiata CNC head BARE
Price: $1,899.00 (+$400.00)


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CNC machined cylinder head - BARE
1.8 BP series Miata MX5

This product is a bare head with no valve springs, valves, seals etc. It is intended for you to assemble with your own parts.

Please allow a 4-6 week lead time.

This head is the culmination of several years of development at the leading edge of racing using the Mazda BP series engine. In our multi championship winning racing endeavors, we have needed
to make the high specific output from the smallest fuel mass possible. Not just power over a few seconds with bad fuel economy and a turbo doing all the work. Instead, hyper efficient normally aspirated breathing and combustion for hours and hours sustained. Will it make power with your blower? Of course it will. Flow is flow regardless of the pressure differential across the head. The forced induction builder will see higher percentage gains than the N/A builder will. Average 13% increase intake flow with OEM cams

Chambers deshrouded for valves up to 2mm larger than OEM. This allows optimum flow into chamber with OEM, +1 or +2 oversize valves. Valve seats are uncut so your machinist can mate to whatever valves you are using.

  • CNC machined ports
  • CNC machined combustion chambers
  • NO deck machining
  • NO valve cut
  • OEM combustion chamber volume
  • Bronze guides, proprietary
  • New uncut valve seats
  • Hot tank cleaned

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