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SuperMiata SPMOP
Blueprinted oil pump with billet gears
Price: $439.00
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Detailed Description

Stage 2 Blueprinted oil pump with Billet gears

91.5-03  Miata MX5 1.6 B6
94-05     Miata MX5 1.8 BP

We start with a brand new OEM Mazda pump. The sintered (compressed metal particles) OEM gears are removed. The housing is machined for a set of wider US made 4140 billet gears.
The wider gears increase oil volume. This volume increase is important for proper VVT function at high rpm with thinned, heated oil on track for example.

Relief valve is shimmed 
to increase pressure from stock ~60psi to ~67psi.

How it's built

-Pump is throughly cleaned by ultrasonic methods, air methods, and hand cleaning
-Flatness of the pump with the block checked
-Parallelness, Perpendicularity, and Concentricity of the oil pump boss checked
-Light port and polish to increase flow and reduce turbulence
-Each pump is tested for flow

Not compatible with 89-091-5 "short nose" 1.6 crank


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