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SuperMiata SPMSBK54
SuperMiata Sway Bar kit 89-05
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Detailed Description

SuperMiata sway bar kit 

89-05 Mazda MX5 Miata


Kit Includes
  • Front Racing Beat sway bar, Tubular (1)
  • Rear Supermiata three position 14mm sway bar
  • End Links - Front and rear adjustable SuperMiata (4)
  • Front sway bar urethane bushings & brackets (2)
  • Supermiata Front sway bar brace blocks (2)
  • Rear sway bar urethane bushings (2)

Race winning and proven combination. This is the same sway bar set up we use on every one of our race cars. If you are comparing this kit to any other front/rear sway bar set on the market, ask how many lap records, race wins, TTOD's and National Championships have been won on them. The reason this kit uses parts from different manufactures is because it's what works.

The Supermiata brace block kit that consists of two aluminum blocks to reinforce the sway bar bushing brackets on your chassis. Everything you need to get your sway bars set up. Direct bolt on installation, no permanent modifications required. The bars for the 94-97 will also fit the 99-05 when used with our adjustable end links. 

Dual Duty
For 205-225 EHP (<201 treadwear) or >100 treadwear race tires for street, autocross or track, we recommend:
Best paired with springs rate of 700/400 or above
NA6  54104 +14mm rear
NA8  54105 +14mm rear
NB    54103 +14mm rear (two position adjustable front)

For 225+ race tires (<100 treadwear) for autocross or track, we recommend:
Best paired with springs rate of 800/500 or above
NA6  54107 +14mm rear (two position adjustable front)
NA8  54107 +14mm rear (two position adjustable front) 
NB    54103 +14mm rear (two position adjustable front) Down to 100tw including Toyo RR

NB    54106 +14mm rear (two position adjustable front) Hoosier or softer

For SCCA STS class, we recommend 800/400 springs, 54107 front bar and either stock or no rear bar

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