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SuperMiata SPM863BK
Supermiata 863 Suspension Bushing Kit 90-05 MX5 Miata
Price: From $293.00 to $422.00

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Detailed Description

863 Bushing Kit "863BK"
89-05 Miata control arms

What are customers saying about the kit?

..I was pulling out the IL Motorsports rubber bushings. What a huge change in how the suspension works! .. Seriously, it felt as soft as my 2012 Ford Fusion daily driver at 7 from soft in the front and 4 from soft rear after I got these 863's in. I didn't have any problems with my install, and am super happy at how they didn't seem to introduce any new NVH at all."

"My street impressions compared to a base poly kit was ... WOW. I was skeptical it would not have a dramatic change as the original pins still moved decently, but what really changed was the effect on shock damping. Ride was noticeably suppler; road impacts and cracks felt noticeably more gentle. Sharp suspension movement no longer would shake my eyes. This is on 14k/8k springs."

"Supermiata bushings f-----g RULE. The small bump compliance is mind blowing. I went up 100# in spring rate on my front shocks, yet they feel softer... the whole car feels so much smoother down my dirt road. Huge win. Makes the car feel 10 years newer." -N. Kapp, New Mexico

The Supermiata SAE 863 bronze bushing kit replaces all control arm bushings. 

Why SAE 863?
  You might be familiar with traditional urethane bushings which rotate on a steel pin. The addition of the 863 bushing in between the urethane bushing and steel pin greatly reduces friction over a urethane on steel kit. So much so that the difference can be felt immediately. Expect to increase damping adjustment on your shocks to compensate for the large decreass in friction compared to a plain urethane or rubber bushing kit. A sintered bushing kit is the next best thing to a pure spherical bearing kit but costs less and will last many times longer due to the superior weather sealing.

What is SAE 863?
 SAE 863 describes the iron-bronze alloy material, also known as "Super Oilite" or iron-copper. It is a sintered (powdered) metal that is cast into the shape of the bearing. The material is impregnated with SAE90W lubricant during casting.

"I already have a urethane bushing kit"
 Our upgrade kit is specifically sized to be compatible with Energy Suspension and Prothane kits. Not compatible with other brands of urethane bushings. Select the Upgrade Kit and we'll send you everything you need to convert your existing Energy Suspension or Prothane urethane bushing kit to SAE863 bronze.

Complete Kit includes everything needed for front and rear:
  • 85A durometer urethane bushings, orange
  • Bronze SAE 863 bushings
  • 4130 CrMo steel pins & thrust washers, Ra 32 finish
  • 2 oz Lube
  • 5 year warranty

22 zerk fittings (optional)   Installing Zerk fittings

 The only part that really wears in our sintered bronze bearing kit is the bronze inserts. They will last many years with just a small application of grease every year or two. You can remove for service or add zerk fittings to re-grease while still on the car. Between the urethane and thrusrt washer, we recommend a silcone based water resistant grease. Do not lube the control arm bores.

Super Lube 92150 / 92003 silicone grease
Prothane grease
Energy Suspension Formula 5
3M 08946 silicone paste
Ski-Doo XPS
-Any standard NLGI grade 1 or 2 chassis lube. Synthetics will generally perform better than petroleum based grease.

V8 Roadsters control arms
Due to dimensional variances with these particular tubular arms, the warranty on the 863 bushing kit is voided. Many users have no issue with V8R arms, but we recommened monitoring the condition of your bushings after install.

Click here for spare parts!

Learn more about 863 suspension bushings in this video

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