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Walbro Fuel Pump 190LPH-HP 89-05
Price: $109.00

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 Walbro 190LPH HP fuel pump 

High pressure, suitable for sustained 60psi at rated flow

Includes installion kit and instructions

Flow rate 300bhp / gasoline turbo
240bhp / E85

Why high pressure? 
Walbro offers a 190 lph (liter per hour)  and a 190 lph-HP (High Pressure). The output of these two pumps is about the same up to 60psi. Above that that standard pump falls off rapidly where the HP version continues in the same linear slope. Why is this important? If you are running a forced induction setup, your boost pressure effectively reduces fuel rail pressure by the same amount. So your pump needs to be able to to push at 75psi in the rail to maintain 60psi at the injector against 15psi boost.

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