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Energy Suspension Energy Suspension
Energy urethane diff mount bushings Miata MX5
Differential mount bushings 90-05 Miata - Energy Suspension
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  HyperFlex urethane

Differential mount bushings

Black and red are the exact same material, I only stock black. The Miata application is not graphite impregnated.

 These bushings locate the differential housing and greatly reduce movement. You'll notice wheel hop is reduced or eliminated and much improved shifting. The shiftingimprovement comes from the trans/PPF assembly not rocking back and forth as much. Take a look at your shift lever when you let the clutch out, that movement is your motor and diff mounts letting stuff move around. The ES diff mounts will transmit a little more vibration but nowhere near as much as sold Delrin or aluminum mounts.

95 Durometer


 17493 differential mounts

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