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Adding Zerk fittings 90-05 MX5 Miata
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These are suggested locations but any locatiuon that won't cause suspension interference is fine. Zerks are not absolutely neccesary but they will allow you to maintain lowest possible friction in the suspension action over time.  We like 6mmx1 self tapping,  zerks. 1/4" basically the same. 
863 bushings use motor oil
For plain urethane bushings use Superlube synthetic (silicone) grease. Alternates are any grease supplied by urethane bushing manufacturers.

Drill the control arm the deburr.  Take care to locate the zerk at the exact spot where the two halves of the bushings meet so injected grease fills the space between them. For the one piece bushings, remove the steel sleeve, locate the drill in the hole you just made in the control arm then drill all the way through the bushing.

The rear upper inner (R_U_I) only has enough room for a zerk with droop travel less than OE. So check your RUI with dampers installed at full droop before you pull it all apart. Most urethane bushings are two piece, fairly easy to remove for periodic lubing. For lowest friction and best suspension action,  e recommend lubing once every two years in most climates, or every year in very wet climates.

For the rear upper outer, you can drill directly into the upright

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