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Megasquirt MS
MegaSquirt PNP2 90-97 Miata MX5
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Detailed Description

Built to order. Allow 2-4 weeks lead time for assembly.


  90-95 Miata, MX5, Eunos, Roadster

PNP2 engine management


Fully Plug and Play Installation - No wiring required for basic functionality.  Average install time is under 1 hour. Base maps is pre-loaded to help your engine start on the first turn of the key. Real time tuning and data logging with a laptop connection. Supports most aftermarket wideband sensors.


90-93 Instructions      94-95 Instructions

  • 16x16 fuel tables
  • 12x 12 ignition tables
  • Linear interpolation between the cells for fine resolution
  • Programmable Rev Limiter
  • Multiple Acceleration enrichment strategies
  • Overboost Protection
  • Closed loop Air/Fuel Ratio mapping when using optional wideband o2 system
  • Closed loop idle control
  • Coolant temp timing advance
  • Inlet temp timing retard
  • MAPdot accel/decel enrichment
  • Overrun fuel cut
  • Water injection maps
  • Nitrous injection control
  • Staged or additional injectors
  • Sequential injection with individual trim
  • Air Conditioner Control
  • EGT inputs
  • Shift light
  • Onboard knock signal conditioner
  • 4 bar MAP Sensor (internal) good for up to 44 psi of boost
  • Wideband O2 Input.  We recommend the Innovate Motorsports LC-1 or LM-1
  • Extra Features added to the hardware:
  • Launch Control -  Capable of using the stock clutch switch, alternately you can wire in a push-button if you prefer
  • Knock Sensor Input with adjustable sensitivity
  • Headphone output for knock sensor - listen for knock while you tune!
  • Closed Loop Idle Speed control
  • AC Control (yes your ECU controlled A/C will continue to function)
  • 100% Plug-n-Play option leaving the stock AFM in place, or optionally you can remove the factory AFM/Airbox for increased throttle response and power. All that's needed to remove the factory AFM is a GM Style IAT Sensor & bung from the above drop down menu, a short piece of aluminum pipe and a cone filter.
  • 12x12 Air Fuel Ratio Target Tables for use with wide band O2 sensor for precise tuning and table trim.
  • Built-in support for a wide array of ignition triggers
  • Built-in 2-step rev limiter with flat shift
  • Real time barometric correction
  • Closed loop boost control
  • Table switching input. Change fuel and spark maps on the fly for different fuels, maximum power, maximum economy, nitrous activation, etc
  • Input for flex fuel sensor
  • Onboard peak and hold drivers support both high and low impedance injectors - No external ballast resistor is needed.
  • CANBus connector allows interconnection of other MegaSquirt-compatible devices for additional functions: EGT Input, Automatic Transmission Controller, Additional Sensors.
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