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SuperMiata Raceclutch
SuperMiata Twin Clutch 90-05 Miata 1.6 - 1.8
Race Clutch
Price: $1,285.00 (+$60.00)

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Supermiata Race Twin Disc Clutch

The Supermiata twin disc Race Clutch was developed to make a comprehensive kit that just drops right in. No mods to trans, slave cylinder, or fork needed. 

Approximate torque capacity
550 ft-lbs Ceramic Metallic
440 ft-lbs Kevlar/Carbon 
Total system weight (including Race flywheel) 14.6 lbs

Why Twin discs?

Adding a second disc doubles the surface area which doubles torque capacity for a given clamp load. The OEM clutch has about an 18lb pedal. The twin is about 45lbs. Heavier but not difficult to manage. The 4 ceramic metallic pucks bonded directly to the drive plate. Very light, thin and durable. 


 The engagement point is much narrower than an OEM style clutch. Once you get used to it you can launch quickly, modulate and shift faster. It can be daily driven, slipped to pull onto the trailer slowly or into a tight parking spot. Learn to operate the clutch with your heel on the floor and just flex your ankle to slip to make this easier.

MOI (Moment Of Inertia)

The further from the center of the clutch you add mass, the more energy it takes to change its speed (higher MOI). So even if a 200 or 225mm OEM style clutch is the same weight, it will still have a much higher MOI than a 184mm clutch. By removing away any unnecessary flywheel material outside the friction surface, the MOI of our twin is further reduced. The lower MOI, the faster the engine will rev. In the case of the 7.25" twin, much faster. Even a fairly mild engine build will rev almost like a motorcycle with the Race Clutch. The smaller diameter clutch discs also allow the transmission input shaft to change speeds much more rapidly, making the syncros job much easier, resulting in much faster shifting. With the clutch set up you can shift just about as fast as you  can move the lever and pedal. Add a flat shift channel with a standalone ECU and shave tenths of a second off every shift.

Pedal travel
The twin can be installed as is with no modifications to pedal travel. For quickest actuation however, you can adjust the upper pedal stop downward (cruise control switch) and engagement point (pushrod) to shorten total pedal travel. 


  • CNC aluminum one piece clutch cover
  • Heat treated steel diaphragm springs
  • 12.9 rated hardware throughout
  • 5.5 lb Race or 12.8 lb Street flywheel
  • One piece forged 4140 steel flywheel
  • Includes throwout & pilot bearing, pilot tool
  • Fits all year Miata 90-05, 1.6 and 1.8 engines

 250 ft-lbs Organic, single disc : N/A track cars, low boost F/I track cars 11.7 lbs400 ft-lbs Ceramic, single disc : Drift- F/I track cars, F/I drag  11.9 lbs

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