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Moroso 85600
Moroso Air Oil Separator - Small
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Detailed Description

Moroso Air Oil Separator "Catch Can."

Recommended for cars running e85, forced induction, all track/racecars to prevent detonation from excess blow-by. 

  • Plumbed into a vehicle's PCV system to capture the excess crankcase vapors and the residual oil mist from re-entering the intake tract
  • Smaller size fits in engine compartment easier
  • E85 vaporize more water during the combustion process gasoline. The separator collects this extra water vapor and helps keep it out of your crank case
  • Includes 3/8" 90º inlet and outlet fittings, 36" of 3/8" rubber hose for plumbing the inline and a billet aluminum mounting clamp for the body
  • Two piece body unscrews for draining

Moroso install instructions:
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