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Motul RBF600 .5 liter
Price: $18.99

Detailed Description

Motul RBF 600 brake fluid

1/2 liter (500ml)

You'll usually need just over half a liter to flush an entire car. The worlds best selling brake fluid and what we use in our cars.

Track notes

Glycol based brake fluids will naturally absorb moisture out of the atmosphere through the vent in your master cylinder, up to maximum of  3-5% by volume. After being heated severely the brake system will draw in atmosphere as it cools down and contracts. This moisture in the fluid will have a very low boiling point of 210F, causing air bubbles and pedal sponginess when the system gets hot again. Ideally, you bleed the brakes after every track event to get the air out and flush completely a few times a year to get all the moisture out.

  • Keep container tightly closed after use
  • Do not open until ready to use
  • Mark date on container after opnening
  • Discard any unused fluid in opened containers after 60 days

Boiling point

Dry: 594F  (312C)

Wet: 421F (216C)

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