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NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) changes with a Supermiata light flywheel

NVH associated with light flywheels are wholly dependent on the system configuration and not just on the flywheel itself. The OEM flywheel's job is to reduce vibration and make clutch engagement smoother from a stop.
Reducing flywheel mass directly affects these two functions.

-Urethane diff bushings increase NVH
-Exhaust system that resonates at certain frequencies increases NVH
-Not setting PPF height increases NVH
-B6 flywheel (200mm) increases NVH over BP (215mm) flywheel
-Harder motor mounts increase NVH over OEM mounts
-Worn, high mileage transmission increases NVH over lower mileage transmission
-Worn U-Joints
-B6 engine is inherently smoother than BP
-Hard top with soft top removed

NB motor mounts are softer than NA mounts, which are softer than Mazda Competition mounts.

Our NC light flywheel will add some mild vibration.

Extreme examples
-A bone stock NB with our BP light flywheel will have virtually no NVH increase.
-An NA chassis with NB engine, header, high flow exhaust, lightweight race hard tp and no soft top, sound deadening removed from parcel shelf, PPF height not set, urethane bushings everywhere on a 150k transmission with our B6 light flywheel will sound like a giant coffee grinder when you lift off the throttle.

If NVH is a concern:
NA/NB - Stick with an NB light flywheel, OEM diff mounts, OEM style rubber engine mounts, set your PPF height acording to the Mazda FSM (Factory Service Manual) and make sure your U-joints do not have any roughness or play at any angle.
NC- 2.5 swaps generate much more vibration than the stock 2.0, even with the stock flywheel. Adding our lightflywheel to a 2.5 swap is going to be a buzzy as an NC can get. 2.5 with light flywheel not a good combo if you are looking for a butter smooth daily driver but great for a track or auto-x focused build.

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