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OS Giken Limited Slip
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OS Giken Limited Slip 2016+ Miata MX5
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Detailed Description

ND Miata application w/special tune

OS Giken Difference

The OS Giken limited slip clutch type differential is simply the best on the market. Unlike some other diffs on the market this is designed as racing equipment, utterly bombproof even with big boosted horsepower and Hoosiers. The diff we sell has a different tune than the standard "Spec S" tune sold by other vendors. This is optimized for increased horsepower and grip, allowing for more progressive lockup and better control at the limit. Works great with everything from stock cars with sticky tires on up to full STR or track day prep.

The uniquely tuned "lock timing" allows the diff to run looser until torque is applied. This feature give the diff a super smooth takeup when exiting corners. Datalogs show it accelerating harder than a Torsen or modified OEM clutch type under 1G+ cornering.

Fully rebuildable at authorized service centers all over the world

Fully tuneable, can even be set up as a full 1 way or 2 way 

Break-in procedure
All clutch-type diffs require special fluid and will have a short break-in fluid change interval. If you're spending your first weekend with the diff at the track, take an extra can of fluid with you. When the diff starts making noises or slipping, it's time to change the fluid. If it doesn't start making noise during that first weekend, just change it when you get home. You MUST use the correct fluid! Get it here.

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