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OS Giken
OS Giken Limited Slip
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OS Giken Limited Slip
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Detailed Description

**Fits '94-'05 except MSM; '89-93 after swapping to 1.8 diff**

Why the Supermiata tune for this differential is unique
The diff we ship is custom tuned by us. OS Giken Japan builds this unique version just for Supermiata. It is different that the standard "Spec-S" all other OS Giken dealers offer. We spent a little over a year fine tuning the setup on this application, winning a few sprint and endurance national championships and maybe a dozen or so track records along the way. The key difference with our tune is the mid turn, part throttle behavior that any advanced driver uses to "balance" the car near the apex. Our tune will allow that fine tuning with the throttle much more smoothly and precisely with high grip tires, and high power than the default Spec-S tune. The standard "Spec-SD" tune is optimized for very lower power and grip, a nearly stock Miata. As a result, that standard tune is lock up too soon when addtional power or grip is added, making it too sensitive to throttle inputs. Stock power or 400whp, the Supermiata tune is the proven tuning spec forf these diffs.

OS Giken Difference
The OS Giken limited slip clutch type differential is simply the best on the market. Unlike some other diff's on the market, this is designed as racing equipment, utterly bombproof even with big boosted horsepower and Hoosiers

The uniquely tuned "lock timing" allows the diff to run looser until torque is applied. This feature give the diff a super smooth takeup when exiting corners. Datalogs show it accelerating harder than a Torsen or modified OEM clutch type under 1G+ cornering.

Fully rebuildable at authorized service centers all over the world

Fully tuneable, can even be set up as a full 1 way or 2 way 

Out of the box tuning is ideal for competition with high grip tires and stock to high power.

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