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Supertech pistons
Supertech pistons / Wiseco XX rings Miata
Price: $594.00


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Detailed Description

Supertech forged pistons / Wiseco XX rings
**If you require delivery by a certain date, please add a note in customer comments on your order**

Price includes 4 Supertech pistons and 4 Wiseco XX ring packs

Why mix and match pistons and rings?
Over the years we have tried just about every piston and ring pack available. We are looking for the same thing you are: long wear, perfect oil control, and of course good power. OEM ring tension is about 15lbs. The NPR rings that Supertech supplies are less than half the ring tension of OEM. That's great for power and lower oil temps but leads to greater oil consumption than OEM. We have found the best overall compromise between power, service life, oil consumption, and oil temps in an off-the-shelf piston and ring is to combine these two brands into one kit. Take advantage of our endurance racing experience. The Wiseco rings cost a few bucks more than the NPR's but they are worth it.

Included in kit:

  • Suprtech 4032 alloy pistons
  • Wiseco XX premium rings
  • Wrist pins
  • Circlips

   The whopper 85.5mm pistons deliver 1952cc on a standard crank but require an oversize head gasket   
You can also ask your professional engine builder to broach a few thousandths of an OEM Mazda gasket to clear the big dog 85.5's.


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