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NA/ NB 1990-2005
Expecting a harsh ride with 700/400 spring rates, they honestly don't feel like it. With them close to full soft, the car honestly feels very smooth on highways. Yes, you will feel the bumps on harsher roads, but if you're on good roads or the freeway, I don't even think of discomfort. Compared to my FM's(550/375), the difference was pretty negligible. I felt like the rear end was more "nice" with the bumps on the FM. But the harsher bumps I notice less with the Xida. However, this particular observation is pointless because the FM's where on a 100k 1992 while the Xidas are on a 12k 1997 with chassis stiffening components. But, something I did notice significantly between these two suspensions was how the Xida's rebound felt. From my knowledge with Fox, the knobs only adjust dampening. While the Xidas adjust both dampening and rebound simultaneously. The car always felt happy where it was with the settings, while with the Fox's, I was always wanted to adjust rebound.(Best way I can describe it)

The Xidas handling felt aggressive but very easy to manage. The front end changed direction quickly while the rear end stayed planted. At the limit on tighter corners, the back end would slide out just enough to rotate me but not enough where I had to counter-steer. !NOW THAT'S PERFECT! On corners I did not anticipate correctly(too much entry speed), I would add more steering input which would cause the rear end to come out a little, which would reduce my speed mid-corner and allow me to easily regain my bearings and get on the gas as fast as possible. I never experienced excessive under-steer or over-steer, which made me feel extremely comfortable. (Even in the rain!) While I still need a lot more seat time, I have a lot more to learn about this suspension setup as my skill is far below its capabilities.

The Xida Race is a well-engineered kit. The guys at Supermiata did more than their homework. Thanks for the hard work, guys! You rock! " - kouroshs123

"Picked up the BGK in 800/500 and today was the first time at the track.

On old, heat cycled R888s, I picked up 1 sec on my previous best, but close to 2 secs on avg lap time. Previous setup was VMaxx classics and FM sways.
Their is actually so much more front grip now, I was being a bit too aggressive in a few turns hurting my exit. Very, very confidence inspiring. And this was on a 1.6 that was obviously in worse shape than my previous one.
Just a really amazing setup given the price. Definitely worth the money spent. Can't wait for next season when I'll have more than 90whp and some better tires." -z31maniac

"I think the magic of the street ride on the Xidas is that they're very firm, but never harsh. Big bumps don't do a damned thing, it's unbelievable." - EM

"I just bought a set with 700/400 spring rates and dual springs, installed them, and then proceeded to drive 13 hours from where I live in south florida to the Blue Ridge Parkway. They got me there with no complaints from my back or butt, and performed incredibly through the twisties. The way these dampers manage high spring rates is truly incredible. I switched to Xidas from Koni Yellow shocks and FM springs (318F/258R), and believe it or not, the Xidas ride better. They don't crash over large bumps like lesser suspension does, and they seem to almost float over small road imperfections. It's really hard to describe, but this suspension just feels fantastic. The performance is all it's chalked up to be, too. I find myself able to carry speeds 10-15MPH faster around pretty much every corner my town has to offer. Even though I'm only running 205 section width, 200tw tires, I can't drive the car to it's limit on the street anymore without at least doubling the speed limit. When I was reading reviews of these dampers, I thought that there's no way that they could actually be so capable and yet so comfortable, but they really as good as people say." -CalebMars

"Cadillac-----------Cayman------Xida----------------------------------my stock GTI-----------------------------------3/4 ton--------------our 1 ton dually------the back seat of the schoolbus" - DH

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NC 2006-2015

Toiyabe NC Race review

"I was able to get a ride along. It was with the touring spec springs (250/200). Other mods were 17x8 6ULs and 215 Contis. On medium damping, the ride was really supple, I wouldn’t think there were coils on. Through some roundabouts and curves the grip and suspension travel is pronounced. Some driveways were taken at speed but even then the damping was fantastic. The damping and amount of travel reminded me of my Koni yellows, but the cornering was more similar to my Feals. Very impressed with the Xidas and they are well worth the wait"

"I rode in the car with Ed from Supermiata driving. Rode extremely well on the street didn't even feel like it had coil overs on it. When he started to get into turns the car wanted to always settle back on center, it didn't want to keep going to the other side.
For example, if you jarred the car left and right, as if you sawed the wheel left and right hard, it was harder for the car to roll pass the center, if that makes sense. The car always felt like the other side of the shocks was putting force to make the car settle on center. As if the car had aftermarket sways. The whole SM team was super nice and was willing to answer any questions I had." - MY

"for a romp through the local hills for my first real drive on NC Xidas, color me impressed. They are installed in an otherwise stock Miata currently and it is the street setup, relatively mild springs, but start to really push it in the turns and it stays impressively flat for the mild spring rates. And if you just cruise the ride is subtle and yet very well controlled, very good first impressions." - BG

"For what it's worth, I've ridden in the development car both in its "Grand Touring" setup at Laguna Seca, and had the chance to go for a ride with the race springs. I can say with certainty that anyone looking for smooth and supple ride with good body control is going to love the GT setup. To say I was beyond impressed with the ride quality is an understatement. My experience with NC setups is limited, been for rides in cars with MeisterR CRD's, Eibach Pro R1's, Ohlin's R&T, and of course my own stock w/ and w/o mazdaspeed lowering springs. The GT setup feels supple but not floaty, and a level of ride quality I've really never quiet felt before. Its luxurious, and that's the best way I can describe it. The prototype Race spring rates felt stiff on street, as expected, but nothing unbearable for driving to and from track. I have one thing to say about Xida. Say what you want about suspension design and development theory, ride in a car with these on and you'll have to agree they're doing something very right!" - B

"Had a ride-along a few weeks back on their test NC with the touring springs and Contis ECS. The compliance and grip and stability in corners and bumps was incredible. Unbelievable those were the only mods on a NC sport model" -JG


ND 2016+

ND Xidas review - "Shaftoe47"

"these things are absolutely nutty…even at the ride height it’s sitting at. Soooo worth the wait and the money. Ohlins don’t have anything on these—wish I had done them the first time around.  Couldn’t be happier with them overall! Thanks for checking in and all your help over the last, what, like 7 months..? Haha all worth it!"  -BB

"we just got back from an HPDE at Portland and I rode in back to back runs in the Miata and a GT4, and I honestly think the suspension was at least as good in the Miata now."  -WG

“The compliance is on a whole other level though. It just absorbs so much of the imperfections. You still feel things, but gone is the sharp impacts the Bilsteins had. Also gone is the jiggly feeling the Bilsteins have.”

“It’s easily the most comfortable Miata I’ve experienced (and I’ve gotten to play with more than my share of quality suspensions). Highway, city streets and fun roads are dispensed with ease and comfort.”

"So now that they’re in the car I am really impressed with the ride. It’s like the car is more adult and far more composed, and the way it handles crappy roads is incredible. The old crash wobble of bad bumps is now just a thump. Likely this will be bad for my wheels as I’m not dodging the crap like I used to. I managed to get out on a long back road ride yesterday to see how the handling is improved. For a first trial it was very controlled, but it made me want to get my 200tw tires out of the basement and the 15 from full hard settings on the dampers that are so nice on the highway we’re a little underdamped on the twisties. So no regrets at all, you really get what you pay for." -Serenitty

I have the Xida's. The single adjusters with 600/300 springs. I autocross this car. These by far are the best dampers I have had.
The amount of grip you can get out of your ND is absolutely stunning. Buy them you won't regret it!!!!" -Shadowfax028

"I drove Shaftoe47's ND on Meisters and on the Xidas, I can offer some opinions on it. Compared to the stock ND Bilstein setup, absolutely. Xidas handled road imperfections much better while having considerably less body roll and are able to handle mid-corner bumps better. The Xidas in my opinion rode better than the MeisterR GT1s. The damping handles bumps better even with the much higher spring rates, but the big thing is the rear droop travel.
If you drove over a sudden dip or elevation change the Meisters would feel like you got dropped off a shelf and then you suddenly smack against the bumpstops.
The Xidas by comparison feel more like OEM, very gentle and smooth transition without the sudden drop-off sensation."  -JG

"Got it all installed and loving it, thanks!!! ..
 I have been pushing them a lot at track days. The race springs are fine for the road, IMO, just FYI."  -SM

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